A film by Armando Capó
Feature films
85 minutes
A film by Armando Capó

Carlos, 14 years old, lives in Gibara, a fishing village in the north of Cuba.
He hangs out with his two friends, Mandy and Elena, whom he is secretly in love with. The vacations begin. Carlos wanders with his friends in the places they like.
One evening, he hears on television that the government will no longer prevent people from leaving for the United States. The streets of the village are now in turmoil.
This announcement is the first indication of events that will mark his adult life.

  • Script: Abel Arcos, Armando Capo
  • Direction: Armando Capo
  • Image: Javier Labrador Delafeu
  • Sound: Gastón Saenz, Sheyla Pool, Jean-Guy Véran
  • Editing: Juan Soto, Ariel Escalante
  • Music: Alex Catona
  • Damian Gonzalez Guerrero
  • Glenda Delgado Dominguez
  • Alejandro Guerrero Machado
  • Luis Ernesto Barcenas
  • Rafael Lahera Suarez
  • D’Safia Producciones (CU)
  • En coproduction avec La Feria Producciones (CR) et Paraìso Production
  • Région Ile-de-France
  • Iber Média
  • Première Mondiale : Toronto IFF 2019 – Discovery
  • San Sebastián IFF 2019 : Horizontes Latinos (ESPAGNE)
  • La Habana IFF 2019 (CUBA) : Premio Corral Opera Prima
  • Cairo IFF 2019 (EGYPTE)
  • Mill Valley Film Festival 2019 (USA)
  • Chicago Film Festival 2019 (USA)
  • Saint Louis Film Festival 2019 (USA)
  • Tallinn Black Night Film Festival 2019 (ESTONIE)
  • Film Fra Sor Festival 2019 (NORVEGE)
  • Pantalla Latina, St Gallen 2019 (SUISSE)
  • Göteborg Film Festival, 2020 (SUEDE)