The Escape
A film by Justine Pluvinage and Philémon Vanorlé
Short films
18 minutes
The Escape
A film by Justine Pluvinage and Philémon Vanorlé

The Escape is a modern tale. A short documentary film.

It is the story of an encounter, that of two men, that of a coffin meeting its hearse, of death inviting itself into life or perhaps of life inviting itself into death. This encounter follows an advert on Leboncoin:

“Solid oak coffin, varnished. Excellent condition. Large size. Its particularitý is to have the place for the legs embedded. It is not padded inside. Does not fit in an oven, hearse or traditional vault. Difficulty to get through doors (…)”

  • Image: Justine Pluvinage
  • Text: Justine Pluvinage
  • Editing: Armin Zoghi
  • Sound editing: Pierre George
  • Mixing: Simon Apostolou
  • Color Grading: Armin Zoghi
  • Music: Maxence Vandevelde
  • Voice recorder: Marc Bour
  • Philémon Vanorle
  • Patrick Vermeulen
  • With the voice of Diederik Peeters
  • Camille Genaud et Clarisse Tupin, Paraiso Production
  • Coproduction:
  • Association M’Enfin
  • Avec Production – Sarah Calvez
  • La fondation Antoine de Galbert
  • Le Phénix, Scène nationale de Valenciennes
  • Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival
  • Echos-ci, échos-là, Festival du film documentaire
  • SiberiaDoc International Film Festival