Coeur Battant
A film by Léonore Mercier
Short films
2 minutes 37 s
Coeur Battant
A film by Léonore Mercier

An invisible entity, Anne Sylvestre’s soul travels and metamorphoses from body to body, from living being to musical instrument in a theatre. To the rhythm of a heartbeat, an aerial choreography takes place, the soul sails through the room and becomes an owl, which flies away and interferes in a piano, a cello, a clarinet, a she-wolf. She goes from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, the perspectives confuse the architecture. She elaborates a vertiginous journey in the flesh of beings and things, in vibration, matter, space and light.

Cœur Battant, is a clip from Anne Sylvestre’s last posthumous album.

The story tells of an invisible shamanic presence that metamorphoses into an animal and a musical instrument, in connection with the universe, it can become all these things.

  • Director : Léonore Mercier
  • Singer : Anne Sylvestre
  • Image : Thomas Favel
  • 1st assistant director : Natalia Ducrey
  • Production manager : Camille Allais
  • Setting : Aurélia Martin
  • Location manager : Nils Zachariasen

Clarisse Tupin, Paraiso Production


CNC – Aide avant réalisation vidéo-musique